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Dental Implants And Implant Restoration

Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS -  - Cosmetic, Implant, and General Dentistry

Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS

Cosmetic, Implant, and General Dentistry located in Concord, NC

A great smile can transform the way you see the world and how the world sees you. Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS, of Concord, North Carolina, has 20 years of experience creating and restoring dental implants. Dr. Moskowitz and his experienced team can replace missing or damaged teeth to help restore your confidence and your natural smile. Call for a consultation, or schedule your appointment online to learn more.

Dental Implants and Implant Restoration Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants, for many patients, are the next best thing to having natural teeth when you have lost your tooth or several teeth because of illness, facial trauma, or tooth decay. Dental implants can replace a missing tooth or several teeth to help you bite, chew, and smile with confidence. They're sturdy, stable and feel very natural.  

A dental implant is a metal post, often made out of titanium, that a dentist surgically implants into your upper or lower jawbone. Once your mouth is fully healed, which usually takes a few months, Dr. Moskowitz impresses for a custom-fitted crown, bridge, or denture on the implant depending on the treatment needed. It is then custom made for you.

Since the dental implants fuse directly to your jawbone, they're strong, stable, and do not shift around in your mouth.

Why do some patients love dental implants?

In addition to functioning, feeling, and looking like your natural teeth, dental implants offer the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective way to replace missing teeth
  • Help maintain your natural smile and face shape
  • Preserve your healthy jawbone
  • Help prevent decay of surrounding natural teeth
  • Improve speech by allowing you to talk without worry
  • Are sturdy enough for chewing all types of foods
  • Offer a proven, predictable outcome for tooth repair

Dr. Moskowitz and his team can perform each step (varies per patient) of your dental implant and implant restoration right in the office.

Call Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS, to take the first step toward a more confident smile.