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We are happy to accept Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit. We offer payment plans through a third party financing company CareCredit. They offer 6 ,12 and 18 months same as cash** depending on your treatment needs. 

We accept and file almost all insurance . We will gladly file all of the necessary paperwork to your carrier, and we are willing to accept payment from them. All deductibles, estimated co-payments, waiting periods, fees, etc. not covered by insurance are expected at the time of service. 

In addition to accepting all traditional insurance plans, we are also an “in network” participating provider for: 

*Aetna PPO/Aetna Discount Plan* 

*AVS Dental Plan
(this uses OUR in network Aetna fee schedule & gives you those fees. This is not INSURANCE, but a savings plan)
(mention our office and you will get two months free)

*Metlife PPO 

*Guardian Dental 

*Cigna Dental & Cigna Savings Discount Card* 

*Delta Dental Premier 

*RETIRED MILITARY – we are in network with Aetna Dental – PPO, Delta Dental, GEHA - under the CIGNA fee schedule, Metlife - PPO 

For all plans – please note we are NOT a DMO or HMO and the insurance will not pay for a patient for our office in this type of plan. Please verify this with your insurance prior to any and all appointments.



Please remember – your dental insurance is between YOU and the insurance company. We file for the benefits as a courtesy to the patient. We try to assist you in maximizing your dental insurance. We are not responsible for maximums, frequencies, deductibles, copays, wait periods, changes in plans, etc. The patient is expected to keep up with and know this information. We will assist you in obtaining this as much as we are able to. However, our researching of your plan is very limited and anything your insurance does not pay for -regardless of what we may estimate, etc. is the responsibility of the patient (or patients guardian). If we do not get payment from your insurance company within thirty (30) days from the date of your treatment – we do send a statement to you. It will be your responsibility to contact your insurance company to see why the claim has not been paid. We are happy to assist you in getting the claim paid, but again, it is the responsibility of the patient to insure that it gets paid.

We are not a DMO. If your plan states that it is a DMO – you must see the provider that you listed with them upon sign up. These plans will not pay for you to come to our office.

*This is not dental insurance, but allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the contracted fees for that plan. For more information – contact Cigna Savings Dental Plan directly.

**This is a program that accrues interest at the rate of 26.99% from the day you begin a transaction. If you do not pay this off in the Same as Cash time – the interest will go back to the day the card was charged and interest will be due from you from that beginning date.






[Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS Contents Financial] 

Your appointment that you reserve will be specifically for you. In order for us to give all of our patients good customer service, we ask that you give us no less than 48 hours to cancel/change or your appointment. If we do not have a minimum of 48 hour notification that you are not coming to your appointment – we reserve the right to charge a $100 failed appointment fee that will need to be paid prior to scheduling another appointment. We do understand emergencies and sicknesses do arise and we are more than happy to work with you if given these circumstances. We appreciate your understanding of this policy. 

June 1, 2020

Dear BCBS medical/dental customers,

All of us here at Moskowitz Dental hope you are healthy and doing well in face of what is going on in the world! 
I am writing to you to let you know of a change in our office policy that may affect you because you carry insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.
In 2012 I voluntarily entered into a contract with BCBS of NC Insurance Company to become a "Preferred Provider".  This agreement allowed me to have my practice promoted by BCBS to it's subscribers, and in exchange I agreed to provide high quality of dental care to BCBS subscribers at a reduced, mutually negotiated fee schedule. As part of my agreement with BCBS, the fee schedule was to be reviewed and adjusted annually. Over the last 8 years, I have requested on multiple occasions that my BCBS fee schedule be reviewed and adjusted to reflect the inevitable rising costs of dentistry.  Those costs include my rising costs of labor, materials, supplies, rent, and other fixed and variable costs of operations.  Despite my multiple requests, BCBS has resisted and refused to negotiate in good faith.  Likewise, they have not adjusted, nor raised, nor changed it's reimbursement levels in OVER EIGHT YEARS and still today I am still providing dental care to BCBS subscribers at basically the same rate of reimbursement as I was in 2012.   BCBS reimbursement schedules are now significantly below that of it's competitor carriers, including Metlife, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian and Delta Dental, all of which adjust their fees regularly, and all of which I am and will remain a contracted "preferred provider".  I am pleased and proud to be "in network" with those companies.
I do want to emphasize with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of providing dental care has risen significantly.  As recently as last week, I again reached out to BCBS and yet again requested a fee schedule review.  While they did agree to a modest increase in some fees, the increase did not come close to making up for eight years nor did the increases remotely come close to addressing the exponential increased cost of PPE and other items that other insurance carriers have publicly announced they are addressing with dentists across the nation.  Moreover, BCBS informs me that even after we have agreed upon the new fee schedule, it will be "several weeks" to implement that reimbursement, with no guarantees of exactly when the fee schedule will go into effect, if at all.  
In short, I no longer find myself in a position to adequately provide the high the quality of dental care that my patients expect of me at the rate of reimbursement that BCBS is willing provide, and additionally I no longer wish to be associated with BCBS as a company as I feel they are not negotiating with me with integrity and in good faith.   Accordingly, I have made the decision to terminate my contract as a "preferred provider" with BCBS of NC effective September 1, 2020, after which I will no longer be an "in network" nor a "preferred provider" to BCBS of NC.
I understand that this may be confusing and stressful for some of you.  I want you to know that both you and your traditional BCBS dental insurance will always be welcome at my office.  Unfortunately, BCBS's policy is not to assign benefits directly to out-of-network providers. meaning that as of September 1, when dental services are provided to you by me and my office, the fees for those services will be collected in full at the time of service.  As a courtesy to you, we are happy to file all claims for you, and reimbursement will be sent directly to you.  For those of you who are currently federal employees and you have double insurance with BCBS of NC being both your medical along with minimal embedded dental, we will require you to provide us a copy of all paperwork (EOBs) in order for us to file any other insurance carrier. on your behalf.

Again, we understand this may be very confusing and we are happy to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the office.  You may feel free to either call or text Lisa at 704-782-2400 and she can further clarify this decision.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all go through this transition period together.  Of course we are here to answer any questions you have.  We look forward to seeing you on your next visit with me and my team!
Eric T. Moskowitz, DDS

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