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Predeterminations – Myths and Facts

I just recently read this article posted by a Dental office in California. They took the words right out of my mouth. Most of the time – it is a great stall tactic for the insurance company and it is

Dipping- it is not a better option!

Trying to quit any nicotine habit is very difficult. Sometimes people think that dipping is a better option because you are not inhaling the nicotine. More nicotine is absorbed by chewing tobacco use than by smoking a cigarette.Chewing tobacco use is a risk

What’s New in the Dental World

Kicking the Tobacco Habit

While the current percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes is the lowest it’s been in decades, those who continue the habit remain at risk for heart and lung disease. Additionally, while we know smoking is also bad for our oral

Don’t let your insurance $$ go to waste!

Can you believe it is already the end of August? 2017 will be coming to a close and be a thing of the past. Don’t let your insurance dollars do the same. Almost all dental insurance companies keep the money

Metlife PPO – we are back in network

  I have good news regarding your MetLife dental insurance and my office! You may recall I recently wrote to you about my frustration for the past 4 years with MetLife and their refusal to negotiate or adjust our contracted

Dental Discount Card – Buyer Beware

For those of you without insurance – it’s easy to think buying a discount dental card will help with the cost. See the article below to help you understand before your buy.  

Confused about Dental Insurance?

You are not the only one. WEBMD published the following article. They say that even the ones who work with the plans daily are confused. It is no wonder the consumer is. We hope this helps a little bit.

8 Ways to Improve your Smile in the New Year!

Looking to improve your smile in this New Year – check out the following article: and give us a call to see what your options are!

November is Diabetes awareness month

This is a great article about Diabetes and Oral Health. Now that November is Diabetes awareness month – Click on the link below and check it out.